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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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live from the station taking action for you, there is abc action news. a tropical storm is bearing down on the froze coast. that could be bad news for neighborhoods already under water. we will show flooding is already happening. and we have report is spread out across the- -reporters red out across the viewing--spread out across the viewing area. i am deiah riley. >> and i am dan safe. a look at--dan shaffer. a look now at the weather with
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is still 999. and hurricane hunters have found hurricane force winds here. at the 5:00 a.m. update, stay may update this to a hurricane here. and now it is continuing to head out to the north. for us, we are looking at more weather today and it is coming in in the form of showers. and here are the hurricane hunters, we will see at 5:00 a.m. and the continue heading up to the big bend, tallahassee is getting ready for big winds. and now locally, let david metz's zoom in here and tell you what is happening for us, obviously, the center, it is staying well away from us here. so the biggest storm surge is to our north and west. not that we are not going to get any. still under a hurricane watch. i do not think we are going to get hurricane conditions here.
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winds, 40-50-mile per hour winds. and as the tomorrow approaches, we get the water coming in. the storm is huge, right? and so we have had this continuous push of water. and at high tide today, we could be looking at one to two feet above the storm serge. and then in the north, it is three. and then up to the big bend, it is a problem. so 45-mile per hour winds if you ares, and the tornado threat as well. the rain is not as heavy and steady today. however, the threat for severe weather is much higher today. the individual cells do not rook like much, but there is going to be increasing wind here is, right? the different wind speeds at different heights and directions. and that allows for the storms that get going here to rotate here. so we will watch that very closely today. we could be under a tornado
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of--of hours. now--couple of hours. no the rain from yesterday, it is now off north and east. and now talking to jamaica guanyl, much up proved conditions--much improved on digs on the roads. some--conditions on the roads. some good news there. and we are about 40 preponderates away from the next--40 presidents afrom the- -40 minutes away advisory. guys? yes, let david metz's talk about the traffic. hopefully now--let david metz's talk about the traffic, hopefully a little less volume. >> yes, much better than yesterday morning at the this time, it was raining. on remember this bemind me, where--remember this behind me? where all of the cars were stuck this is it looks dry right now. and it looks like it is back open, no issue there is. but again what a mess it was yesterday, about a dozen cars
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so if you see standing water, do not drive through it. that is the lesson we learned, again, yesterday. here we are, the howard franklin bridge a great drive across the bay today. less than ten minutes to get across the bridges and a check of the speeds on the inter- david metz states, looking great, if you are heading out the door, 4:00 a.m. in the morning, 62 is the average speed on the veteran david metz's expressway and look--veteran david metz's david metz david on the--on the bridge.
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closed. >> yes, and sit of tampa--the city of tampa is stepping up for parents in a big wilkinsburg. >> not everyone is flexible and you have to weigh your options. >> reporter: this tampa mom is not alone. and now parents are quickly looking for day care options, the threat of rains and flooding is shuttering schools across the bay area. >> it was still very tropical, i was not thinking they cancel. and i understand why they did. >> reporter: in an order to un- david metz burden the parents, tampa is offering an alternative. >> a lot of the parents have to work. >> reporter: and the mayor made the call to keep two dozen city reck leuation centers open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. where the public can drop off their children free of charge.
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this one. >> i would have to call on grandparents, familiar and close friends, their phone would be ringing for sure. i would try. >> so we want to do what we can to be helpful and if it means watching a lot of kids, we are happy to do that. and taking a look at closures due storm, schools in sit suspicious,--citrus, hillsborough, manatee county, and more. and the florida aquarium and the tampa bay history center are also closed today. and it has been a busy night for first responders, first a rescue and now they are monitoring tide levels for more flooding in an area that never floods. and now michael is live with morning with more. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, you
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standing in someone owes yard and there are some small- -someone owes yard and there are some--someone east--someone 's yard. >> it has here. >> reporter: todd says that about a dozen homes near 40th street and coconut avenue were evacuated after some were flooded and others were too close for comfort. >> one elderly person gist had surgery, we drove up with our high water vehicle and trans- david metz ported that person
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>> reporter: and we witnessed this wreck after a car lost control in the storm. the woman in the car trans- david metz ported to the hospital. at this point, her connection is un-david metz known. >> that was michael reporting. 4:08 a.m. now, breaking overnight a man was shot while breaking into his home. the man went into just before 9:00 a.m. last night. someone inside shot him. we don't know his name yet. in democracy 2016, yesterday was a big day for donald trump, first he met with mexico 's president and then de- david metz livers--de-david
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>> reporter: --on immigration. >> we will enforce all of our immigration laws. >> reporter: donald trump looked at the deportation of lawbreakers. >> zero tolerance for criminal aliens. i am going to create a special task force, focused on identifying and quickly re- david metz moving them. >> reporter: in his surprise trip to mexico, he said he could work together with mexico 's leader. >> we did talk about the wall, we deputy talk about payment of the--we didn't talk about the payment of the wall.
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president--mexico 's president invited both donald trump and hillary clinton. >> it certainly takes more than a year of dropping insults by dropping in for a few hours. >> reporter: hours after that, mexico president took to twitter and said that he told donald trump that mexico would not pay for that wall. abc news, washington. last night, donald trump repeated his claims that would pay for his wall. and he talked about blocking funding to sanction ware citing and offered a visa tracking system. in ten days, america will mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. now a memorial paying tribute to the lives lost is causing a problem. a group is taking issue with the identity writhing on the- -taking issue with the write writhing on the--with the
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some are saying that it is worried that the words would encourage hate attacks against local muslims. but a town super-david metz visor does not see it that way. --town super-david metz visor does not see it they want the to read terrorists instead. 4:11 a.m. crashing at 70-milings per hour. coming up,--miles per hour. coming up, the shocking reason one colorado father crashed his car. >> and vehicles making it easier to buckle in a child
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this morning, a clearwater commune sid--community is still without power. >> reporter: right now, everything is okay, they have been dealing with waist deep water out here. now there is a deputy out here, sitting watch here, you can see him and he tells me that at one point last night, the water was up to the back of that is about four feet. again, right now, not raining, but yesterday was a whole different story. you can see the people wading through the water. now the people grabbed a few things that they can carry. the community has been flooded out before. they were hit hard back in
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flooding and dis-david metz placed dozens of people. this time, 18 property 's have been evacuated. and it is not just dark out here because it is 4:15 a.m. in the morning, the power is still off and with more rain expected on the way, it could stay off if a long length of time. of course, we will let you know how they are doing here in the community. i just spoke with one woman at 5:00 a.m., frustrated. she has dealt with this before and again, she is coming up at 5:00 a.m. this morning. thanks, ashley. surfs are thanking the tropical storm for bringing larger than normal waves. >> yes, warning flags are alerting swimmers to stay out of the waterer due to the threat of extreme rip currents.
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big wees. yesterday,--big waves. yesterday the waves were big. yes, the waves are with us here, but concern is the rise of the gulf. in fact, if we were a little bit higher, we could have all of this in florida, but that is the set up here for a particularly dangerous storm surge, especially across the big bend and across the coast up there. for us, get, i do believe, about one to two feet above normal sea level here as the tides continue to push in. so basically, a couple of monica days ago a-of--of months ago a similar set up. 75 to 80-mile per hour winds tonight and into tomorrow.
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is the front right, it is a particularly dangerous area because it is where we can have the strongest winds and along with that, the chance for some rotating thunderstorms. but we are going watch very closely for that today. these are the watches and warnings, that is a hurricane warning over the than up and down the--over the panhandle. so for today, the rain is not as heavy, or steady at but the showers have a chance to go severe on us here and rotate. i know you are waking up right now, maybe you have gone to walk the dog and you are thinking well, where is the storm? conditions are getting bad today. so we are in a bit of a lull here. we had the moisture yesterday and once the storm is getting closer to us, we are going to start to feel it as far as windser and again, as i--wind,
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the so the radar is relatively quiet. i think the morning commute, you are in good shape here. it is not that shield of water that we had yesterday. but again, some of the individual cells, we will have to watch them closely because they could develop on us here quickly. so with that severe weather outlook today. to the north, that will the highest threat for tornadoes and then we are not out of the winds here from tampa all the way down south. a marginal risk, but there. so on and off rain turning windy for today. but again, it is not going do be as heavy or steady and then we will watch for conditions to drop as far as the winds, watch here, 20, 25-mile per hour winds and then into the 30 david metzs and lower 40 david metzs. --30 david metzs and lower 40 david metzs.
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but not the u.s., they are going to have to deal with it in the east coast. yes, welt,--yes, well, right now, much better than yesterday. but right now, we are looking great on the roadways, checking out where we are. and we are going to keep an eye on the roads and let you know if we see any crashes or break downs, or any flooding. we did check on floodi a gandy and it is possible right now. pushing 70 right now all the way down to the howard franklin bridge. and looking a the drive in tampa, looking great as well. some slick roads out there. so just use caution when you are driving around. all right, we do have some standing water reported in manatee, just want to go through a few of these, 57th avenue west at u.s. 41.
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johnson--at morgan johnson road. a few others posted on twitter. thanks. it is a car crash that leaves you with more questions and answers. deputies say that a father tried to kill his 2 david metz -year-old son. 29 david metz -year-old nathan was high on cocaine when he slam intoed a parked car going 70 miles per hour, inside of the re-david metz mains of the white car, his 2 david metz -year-old >> i heard a youngster crying, but didn't see it at first and then finally saw the toddler, the baby 's head, and saw dad hitting it as if he was annoyed by the crying that was happening. >> investigators say that the man told them he tried to kill his son because being a father is a big responsibility and he didn't think he was man enough to raise a child.
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the boy survived the crash. his mother is thankful that her son is alive. 4:21 a.m. now. this morning, we are learning reek thes are become--vehicles are becoming safer for children to ride in. buckling a child seat into cars and suvs have gotten easier over the past 14 months. in june of last year, out of 102 vehicles the iihs looked at, most were rated poor or marginal. this year, looked at were rated either good or acceptable. three models, the lexus rx, and the toyota prius are in the top rating of good plus. if you are aaa member, a benefit is being able to call for a tow truck when your car
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sicks. they will--for bicycles. they will help you if you can safely be reached. and then they will tower you- -tow you: and now more people are riding instead of driving on florida roads. 4:22 a.m. hitting hawaii, the tropical systems bringing heavy rains
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. all right, a 64-mile per hour tropical storm here. it could be upgrade today a her rain--upgraded to a hurricane. and a cloudy chance for today. it is win dwi and not the heavy, steady--windy, and not the heavy, steady rain from yesterday. the thorps have been staying offshore and moving south to north. but across the coastal area today. we will have a big update at the bottom of the hour. this morning, a weakening tropical storm is bringing rain, high surf, and winds to hawaii. forecasters downgraded it to a tropical storm. the biggest impacts now are possible flash floods and high waves could also cause beach erosion.
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could be on hurricane lester. coming up at 4:30 a.m., we will check in on our tropical system. >> yes, including pas key county. the fiery reason that hundreds of people had to be moved overnight.
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following the latest track on tropical storm hermine. later today it's expected to build a hurricane strength as it heads to florida. >> we're closely watching the flooding in the bay area. heavy rain is forcing some families to evacuate homes with more on the way. fire forces evacuations at an area hospital. extra ambulances are called in to help move hundreds of patients out. what started the fire? that's straight ahead. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. first, ivan has the latest track on tropical storm hermine. >> no changes since the last track. in about 15 minutes, we'll get a new update from the national weather system. it is a tropical storm now and a lot of the thunderstorm is still to the east and struggling to get it back together. that has been its history, although, we do still think it will become a hurricane as it heads to the big bend. for us, it is not that important as it is moving far enough away from us where the
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be impacting us. what will is the potential for coastal flooding as that fetch comes in and develops along with the high tides later this afternoon. we'll watch for that, and of course today as we have been talking about, multi-day rain even and transition to a -- multi-day rain event and transition into a wind event now. it's calm right now. we'll have rain that will be out there throughout the day and the winds pick up by noontime here, about 40 mile- per-hour winds. then we'll watch for the coastal flooding with the tornado threat that is enhanced as the showers and storms continue throughout the south and north. the thunderstorms will want to rotate on us until as some of them move ashore with the rotation, it could be talking about the tornado warning, too. the storm prediction center is doing that as well. the tornado set now for northern counties along with the rest of us here. although, less as we get farther to the east. we'll have more on the action


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